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2012-01-16 13:29:08 by AKA-TEETEE

Well my luck is down as i already try installing a few program's to be able to share my wild imagination of the game world but it seem's that all i do is not good enuff for the program. i mean i have no way in getting in i try to use flare 3d but all it gave me were document's when do i get to create was that not the purpose in the first place. i press install and read but i get this huge list of computer bar code's which i don't know well how i wish i had a friend at this moment to take me step by step on how to set up properly my career is at hand's and i cant get started cause of my non knowledge of computer program's why couldn't it be simple to use paint draw and upload. no life gotten hard and they want us to solve a problem only the crazy Albert Einstein {WTH} can solve. Well i hope i can get things under way as i start my new life goal's and succeed as the new year 2012 is upon us.


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